Club Integral London presents…

The Provincials

Manu Louis

at Iklectic Arts, London Waterloo, Thursday 23rd January 2020, starting 8pm

cost £10/7.50 -tickets on the door

The Provincials

are a dark folk duo comprising Polly Perry (formerly of Polly and the Billets Doux), and author and guitarist Seb Hunter. They have just released their second, highly acclaimed album The Dark Ages.Drawing on English folk, experimental rock and ambient music they have created a sound that shifts through the gears across the album, recalling at different times Polly Harvey, Bert Jansch, Popul Vuh and Nick Drake.”Drawing from jazz, rock and folk Provincials cast a spell, conjuring a resonant, hypnotic soundworld recalling Pentangle, These New Puritans, Talk Talk and David Lynch’s film soundtracks.”

Folk Radio

“Meandering along a path that stretches from the Norman church dotted shingly shoreline of the southeast coast of Romney to a revenge-soaked Iberia, The Provincials conjure up a lamentable present. Perhaps we are indeed doomed. Perhaps these are the end days or the darkness before the light. Whatever the truth, this diaphanous duo has articulated such augurs with a gauze-y, beautiful veneer worth savouring and improved no end since their last album.”

David Valvona, Monolith Cocktail

Manu Louis

Manu Louis

A review of Manu Louis’ latest album “Cream Machine”

“Sometimes, the beauty of art lies within the things you can’t grip or comprehend. Sometimes, music which plays with both familiar elements and progressive, experimental ideas can reach this special beauty with the tensions those two contrasts provide.

It’s kind of a struggle sometimes, but if the artist can strike the right balance, there is symbiosis to achieve. Belgian-born and now Berlin-resident Manu Louis is such an artist. ” Everything is noise (U.K.)

‘Kermesse Machine’ is a mountain of plastic glasses in the streets the morning after, a tropical digital marching band, a guy giving all he’s got at Karaoke because there’s nowhere left to sing, a gypsy virtuoso playing synth with a trumpet sound.Since 2015, he has performed solo more than 80 times everywhere in Europe and Asia accompanied by a crowd of electronic instruments and video projections.Manu also composes and performs for/with the 30-piece Orchestra Vivo and Fanfares. His past projects include Funk Sinatra and The Music for Gardens.

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