Club Integral – home to the uncategorisable – London and Birmingham

We are an autonomous music collective promoting live music and performance events around London and Birmingham and releasing recordings in various formats through our label Divine Records.

London events
are held at IKLECTIK , Waterloo, London SE1.

Birmingham Events
Club Integral Midlands Branch organises events at The Edge in Digbeth Birmingham.

Occasional special events will be advertised here and at clubintegral.com

Divine Agency
Music by Orchestre Murphy, Kamura Obscura, Miners Of Banal, The Plain People Of England and many others are available on CD, vinyl or as downloads for a modest price from Divine Agency.

Reviews of Club Integral
“This adventurous music series continues…” Wire magazine, 2012

“The chaps behind the night (…) are Club Integral, a collective with proper pedigree ranging from Resonance FM to Wire magazine. Pushing experimental music from the more interesting but less celebrated side of the scene, they’re doing an amazing job spreading a message of sonic exploration and creativity by curating top events of music they believe in. We love it.” Awkward Movements record label, April 2013

“Possibly the most varied, entertaining and unpredictable regular live music night that London has to offer, I heartily recommend that you get yourselves down to Club Integral.”
Bob Dixon, drawing portfolio

“That, for me, is what Club Integral delivers: an exciting and eclectic mix of music for which there needs to be a space. And I think, after tonight, the Midlands have just found another one.” Lucy Mounfield, Birmingham Review

An utterly amazing gig” Tallulah Jones

“Jaw dropping .. up there with seeing the Swans in the eighties” Simon Wade

“Another amazing night! Thanks to Club Integral, and all the artists, especially Vampilia. Really really special.” Kim Shankar

“Best night I’ve been to in a while. Excellent. Sound of the Sun after Gertrude was like brushing your teeth after a serious meal.” Marcel Stoetzler, Glassglue, commenting on Club Integral – 16th April 2010

Club Integral are:

Andrew Scott-Bolton, Robert Storey, Atsuko Kamura, Natalie Mason (Midlands Branch), Jaime Rory Lucy (video Projection), Owen Llewellyn (film and photography), Katja Heber (photography), Chris Cornetto (DJ), Black Limelight (design & DJ), with much assistance from Dr Ed Baxter and Resonance 104.4 fm.

CLUB INTEGRAL holds its distinctive evenings in various stylish bohemian haunts – The Others in Stoke Newington, The Grovesnor in Stockwell, Cafe Oto in Dalston, IKLECTIK in Lambeth, The George Tavern in Stepney, Hackney Empire, Whitechapel Gallery, The 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street, The Canterbury Arms in Brixton and The Edge in Birmingham.

Here listed are some of the performers that have appeared at glittering evenings at Club Integral:
Clive Bell and David Ross, I am a Kamura, Kamura Obscura, BScarlet Sahara (dancer), Sean O’Hagan, Shimmy Rivers And And Canal, Simon The Magician, Trombone Poetry, Nightfighters, Kay Grant and Paul May, Laboratoires Murphy, Jack Blackburn, Superstrings, Su Zhuong, Mei Mei (dancer), Mayming, Xper X, DJ Slowsound, Sharon Gal and Moshi Henson, Bing Selfish, 7 Hertz, Alexander Tucker, Man Aubergine, Naked Ruby, Benji Kirkpatrick, Grok, Albert Newton, Massukos, Funmi and Nelson(dancers), Ninki V, Farmyard Animals Trio, Spaceheads, Toolshed Trio, Del Casher, Nigel Noise, Karl Blake, Kenny Process Team, Kay Grant and Chris Weaver, Miasma and The Carousel of Headless Horses, Duke Garwood and The Lady Woodsmen, DrewMartinLeslie, Jaw, Pat Thomas, Geoff Leigh, Micachu, Boycott Coca Cola Experience, The Nobodies, Inclement Quartet, Shabaka Hutchings, KateGoes, Oscillatorial Binnage, Paul The Girl, No Frills Trio, Humi, Fred Frith, Jack Shirt, Ellen Mary McGee, Crack Librarian, Maho and Impan (dancers), Astrakan, Roroja 3, Taxi Val Mentek, Pichacu Makoto, Millefeuille Yakuza, The Otters, Sylvia Hallett, Falco Subbuteo, Lewis Floyd Henry, The Strathbungo Schleppers, The Doomed Bird Of Providence, Kobayashi, Loop Ellington, Karina Towsend, Tetine, Jowe Head And The Demi-Monde, The Temperatures, Proxy Music, Steve Greekshire, Raagnagrok, Frank Bangay And The Topsy-Turvy Band, Benjamin Brunel, Hexa, Sybiling Sisters, Lotus Pedals, Dean McPhee, Tristan Burfield, Sound of the Sun, Gertrude, Glassglue, Mother Tongue, Echo City and Michael Ray (Sun Ra Arkestra), Pipers Son, Duncan Reekie (Exploding Cinema), Eugene Chadbourne, Odes (Ted Milton/Sam Britton) Art Terry, Fari B, Paddy Steer, Stewart Home, Pevin Kinel, Less Croutons Jonez, Alan Wilkinson, Howard Jacques, Woven Entity, P.P.C. and the Q.V, Kinnie the Explorer, Shaded Monocle, Dave Tucker (The Wild Life), Snorkel, Monkey Puzzle Trio, Dr Strangely Strange, Foulkestone (Jude Cowan and Richard Sanderson), Choo Choo Trains, Roshi and Pars Radio, Gagarin, Lepke Bulchwalter, Tank and Trumpet, Shatner’s Bassoon, Hauntological Orchestra, Static Memories, Cloudier Skies, Kuiricorder, Nad Spiro, Vampillia, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, Seth Bennett, you, me and us (Daevid Allen, Yumi Hara, Chris Cutler), Charm School, Howie Reeve, Seven Sisters of Smyrna, Mantis Orchestra, No Cars, New World Order (Thomas Lumley Trio),  & many more…



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