Kenny Process team, Howie Reeve & The Happy Couple

at Iklectic Waterloo Saturday 20th April from 8pm

Kenny Process Team

After the passing away of guitarist/ composer Simon King last year, Vacilando ’68 recordings are honouring him by releasing a remastered vinyl version of the classic cassette only release, “Trav’lin’ light With… Kenny Process Team”. To promote the release KPT are embarking on a tour of UK at select venues.

Confirmed dates as follows

19th April  Club Integral Midlands Branch

20th April Club Integral Iklectik London

2nd June North Norfolf Sonic Arts Collective (With Eugene Chadbourne)

15th June Resonance fm The Hello Goodbye Show and The Newsagents

18th October Café Oto – Resonance FM fundraiser

For several years this instrumental combo was active out of its London base. The intricate guitar-centered themes were largely composed by Kev Plummer, who would then teach the pieces phrase by phrase to bassist Matt Armstrong. The trio was completed by a drummer who figured out a way to play with sticks that had been shaved in half lengthwise, the result of attempts to play more quietly when the group’s rehearsals aroused frequent complaints from the neighbors.

“Bundle”, the album opener, establishes the blueprint. Ross and Armstrong, the most imaginative of rhythm sections, build Escher-like structures for the band to play on, ever-shifting and indefinable. Plummer’s arresting and evocative themes are chased backwards and forwards by King, occasionally becoming caught in his grasp before triumphantly wriggling free.

This joyful mélange, influenced by everything from ragtime to Beefheart to Congolese soukous, has great immediacy while remaining curiously enigmatic. “Fantastic Four” sounds like the catchiest tune imaginable, but can you hum it? The unexpected semitonal shifts of “Tug” add an eerie element to an otherwise tranquil lullaby. “The Romans” and “Open Sesame”, reprised from the debut album, are delivered with an effortless flourish, while the baffling twists of “The Song We Don’t Like” see the band trapped in a maze of their own construction. 

The concert ends with “Tantrum”, where King cuts loose with the most improbable and yet somehow perfect lead guitar lines, while his bandmates offer their support with an insistent, one-legged rhythm. And then it’s all over. A great many concerts are recorded on the off-chance; very few stand up to repeated listening. This, however, is a true masterpiece. 

Rhodri Marsden

Howie Reeve

New album ‘Not So Secret Garden’ out now on Red Wig (Germany) and Mon Cul (France).
Solo acoustic bass and singing; third album, ‘smaller, now’ (February 2016) is a joint release with The Audacious Art Experiment (UK) and Red Wig (Germany).
7″ of bass duets with Minutemen/Stooges legend Mike Watt was released in September 2015.

“As inventive and playful as it is richly emotional…his approach to bass is beautifully expressive, melodic and thoughtful, but also takes in flamenco-style flourishes, charging post-punk grooves, choppy, percussive passages and one surprisingly violent bout of chaos.”
(Matt Evans, The List)

“Life affirming…fragile, funny, oozing with empathy and above all fantastic songcraft.”
James T McKay (The Cosmic Dead)

“Unplugged-punk genius Howie Reeve is a linchpin in Glasgow’s DIY community…a breathtaking bass player.”
(Nicola Meighan, The Herald)

“Howie Reeve is a unique and singular figure in the current British underground. Having spent over 20 years playing in a number of key Glasgow bands, since 2012 he has been performing solo on acoustic bass guitar, delivering a fragmented and dexterous music that takes in post-punk, avant-folk and free jazz. Increasingly turning to songwriting, he further engages audiences with cryptic, intimate and unsettling lyrics. Resolutely DIY in his approach to music, he lives in Glasgow but appears to be perpetually on tour, whether in the UK, Europe or Japan.” (Chris Joynes)

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple are Judith Goodman on strings and David Ross on Jew’s Harp and Mouthbow. They are truly a happy couple, who first met on the bus replacement service from Mile End Tube station to Leyton 21 years ago. The pair live at the southernmost tip of Epping Forest, where they like to spend much of their time, weather permitting, playing music to the birds and trees.

Club Integral at Iklektic Friday 8th March 2019

Ask The White is Isobel Blank (Ant Lion, Isobi, Vestfalia), artist and songwriter, and Simone Lanari (Ant Lion, Walden Waltz, Sycamore Age), producer and composer.

Their first album together “Sum and subtraction” has been released on the 12th October 2018 on LP by Ammiratore Omonimo Records (AOR), a label created and managed in Rome by vonneumann. The album will then be released on CD in Japan in 2019 for Athor Harmonics, Kenichi Mori’s label and music production studio based in Tokyo.

Their music is deeply rooted in the folk tradition, but at the same time is open to the wildest contamination, offering a sophisticated sonic palette. Ask The White’s songs are marked by dense and minimal guitar fingerpicking, intertwined with electronics and electroacoustic elements. Intimate lyrical melodies cyclically evolve into two voices harmonies, as arrangements expand and develop dynamically creating extremely pleasurable gems.



The music is a diverse mixture of instrumental colours, melodies, and words. The songs present social and political critique alongside personal moments and moods. In the words of Mike O’Toole (Beat Magazine) “Their sound is unparalleled and cannot be categorised. It is a rejection of docile adherence to a single musical style”. PsychoYogi are based in london and have been together for around three years with the current line up, which includes, Chris Ramsing, Guitar and vocals, Chris Sansom, Bass and vocals and Arnold Lane, Drums. The music is both challenging and accessible and is influenced by many musicians and composers including Frank Zappa, King Crimson, XTC, Captain Beefheart, Gentle Giant, Bach, Bartok and many more.

Check out their latest album Accident Prone here:

Tickets are £7.00 or £5.00 concessions

Starts 8:00pm