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A Short Film About Club Integral:



Robert Storey, Cleo Longwell, Florence Raynaud

Produced by:

The Massed Ranks of the Proletariat

In Order of Appearance:

His Grace the Earl of Killorglin, Andrew Scott Bolton, Flame Proof Moth, Thomas Lumley Trio, Clive Bell, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, Ed Dowie, Art Terry, Jay Murphy, Simon King, No Cars, John Harman, Katja Heber, Bing Selfish, Iris Ederer, Alice Néant, The Windsors, Ed Baxter


‘Harry Worth Theme’ – Lotus Pedals

‘Lorca At Christmas’ –  Daniel James Ross

‘I Started A Band With Ernest Hemingway’ – Flame Proof Moth

(Improvisation) – Thomas Lumley Trio

(Song) – Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp

‘May For A Dead Queen’ – Ed Dowie

‘Art Police’ – Art Terry

‘Animus’ – Red Balune

‘Metropolitan Line’ – No Cars

‘Wild Is The Wind’ – Iris Ederer

‘Robin Red’ – The Windsors

‘Spanish Dictator’ – Bing Selfish


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