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The Club Integral Radio Show is presented by His Grace the Earl of Killorglin & Andrew Scott Bolton from 9.30 to 10.30 pm every Wednesday evening on Resonance 104.4 FM or at Expect the usual mix of studio guests, archive recordings and a featured guest on the regular Devils Island Disc spot.

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Paddy Steer, The Nature Centre, Germa Adan, Richard Sanderson


The Edge

79-81 Cheapside
B12 0QH

FRI 8TH SEP, 2017 8:00pmCIMB sept 2017 for web


Come and enjoy the fifth ‘Club Integral Midlands Branch’. Our regular food magicians Albert and Davy will be there with Ubuntu Foods as well… so you can eat, drink, hear, be merry!

Paddy Steer blows all other one-man-bands out of the water, into the eccentricities of outer space. In rejection of the notion of ‘immaculate reproduction’, live performances from Paddy’s own project err more daringly and admirably on the frontier of chaotic abstraction, expression and focussed blunder, dice rolling down the hill in case of duende, as from behind his stacked array of instruments, the anarchically intrepid punk gargles through a vocoder with his xylophone, all a-clatter under disco lights and doilies.

The Nature Centre plays Pop music that has been adulterated by all sorts of strange, nice things. It has been described as “the kind of fololoppy pop that Syd Barrett might make if he headed up a harmony girl group under the influence”.

Musician, composer and singer-songwriter, Germa Adan aims to inspire and use music to share
stories and positive messages. Born in Haiti, she lived in the USA and now lived in Birmingham. She writes and performs music that draws inspiration from Haitian, American & British folk music.

Richard Sanderson plays the amplified melodeon (diatonic button accordion) , pushing this quintessential “folk” instrument into new areas. He runs the Linear Obessional record label, and dances with Blackheath Morris Men.
“…like some ancient Radiophonic soundtrack to a long-lost children’s TV series. Its bare, metallic tones were simultaneously ancient and modern, analogue computer music composed by Viking scientists, perhaps. Past and not-quite future superimposed on a faulty VHS tape.”
(Paul Margree- We Need No Swords)

Poster by Naomi Oppenheim


Club Integral at Iklectik

Old Paradise Yard

20 Carlisle Lane / Royal Street corner

 Archbishop’s park

London SE1 7LG

20th September 2017




Presenting sets from Robert Coyne, Claudia Barton, & Hugo Martin.
From 8.00 pm – entry £7/£5
Robert Coyne (born 1969) is a British alternative folk musician and singer-songwriter. He plays guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and sings. Coyne is the son of the musician, painter and author Kevin Coyne, who died in 2004. In Germany Robert and his vocalist brother Eugene, the sons of Coyne’s first marriage, appeared on some of their father’s recordings including Tough And Sweet (1993) and Sugar Candy Taxi (1999). As a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Robert eventually joined his father’s band and contributed to several further albums, including Room Full of Fools (2000), Carnival (2002), Donut City (2004) and One Day In Chicago (2005, with Jon Langford and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts).
Coyne has also worked as a musician with Eric Burdon, The Barracudas, The Scientists, Amy Rigby, Spooky Tooth, Sky Saxon and Chris Wilson of the Flamin’ Groovies.
In 2006 Coyne provided the soundtrack for the Edinburgh Film Festival-winning documentary feature The Great Happiness Space, and in 2007 released his first solo album Death Is Not My Destiny, on which he sang for the first time. The following year, he founded “The Robert Coyne Outfit” to present his music on stage.
In 2010 Coyne released the album Woodland Conspiracy, accompanied only by his guitar and on some tracks by a Fender Rhodes piano.
With Jaki Liebezeit, the drummer of the avant-garde band Can, he recorded the album The Obscure Department in 2013. Two more albums with Liebezeit, Golden Arc (2014) and I Still Have This Dream (2016), followed. Last Lion, another solo album, was also released in 2016. He will be releasing a new album shortlyon Cologne-based Meyer Records.

Claudia Barton is a singer and actress. She previously sung with Gamine, and then Cloudier Skies with David Rothon. Her work is characterised by a rich cinematic atmosphere and an extraordinary literary authorial voice – echoes of Hemingway and Raymond Carver, channelled by Audrey Hepburn. Her first solo album The Wrath of Love was released recently, a darkly erotic collection of spare and unadorned songs accompanied by prepared piano.

Hugo Martin was born in Syracuse, New York, Hugo’s lot was cast early on in his life when, as a baby, his father tragically died of a brain tumour. His grieving mother decided to move to London; Hugo has lived and worked there ever since. After teaching himself guitar in his late teens Hugo played and led a succession of bands, all facing the usual struggles. Along the way he has played guitar for such notables as Wreckless Eric and Robert Coyne. Ultimately though, it is in the last few years that he has found his voice as a writer culminating in his debut solo LP Six Before a Seven.

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