Club Integral Radio Show 


The Club Integral Radio Show is presented by His Grace the Earl of Killorglin & Andrew Scott Bolton from 9.30 to 10.30 pm every Wednesday evening on Resonance 104.4 FM or at Expect the usual mix of studio guests, archive recordings and a featured guest on the regular Devils Island Disc spot.

You can clink on the link below to hear to past Club Integral Radio Shows: to the new Resonance FM newsletter here:


Club Integral


Elephant House




Old Paradise Yard  

20 Carlisle Lane

Royal Street corner / Archbishops Park

 London SE1 7LG

Friday 19th May

plus King & Cornetto


DJ Kingu B

Entry £5/£3


Elephant House  features Christos Fanaras on guitar & synths, and Shenngy Shen, of Hang on the Box, China’s first all-female punk band, on vocals and percussion. They will be playing music from their new album Pony Ride – released on Adaadat on 27th April 2017


King & Cornetto are guitarist Simon King (Homelife, Grateful Dub, The Windsors) and Chris Cornetto (Native Hipsters, The No Frills Band). Veering between free jazz, noise, electronics and dub, the duo always fire up a mighty engine of sound between them, taking their music into strange and intoxicating places.


Club Integral


Geoff Leigh & Makoto Kawabata




Old Paradise Yard  

20 Carlisle Lane

Royal Street corner / Archbishops Park

 London SE1 7LG

Wednesday 21st June

Plus Kamura Obscura

and Dawid De Villier


DJ Kingu B

Entry £5


Geoff Leigh is well known for his work with Henry Cow in the early 70’s, as well as contributing to fellow Virgin bands of the time Hatfield And The North, & Slapp Happy. In recent years he has collaborated with members of Faust, Porcupine Tree (as Ex-Wise Heads with bassist Colin Edwin), Nurse With Wound, and musicians such as Mitsuru Tabata, Tatsuya Yoshida, & Nana Tsiboe. He is currently a member of Jump For Joy (featuring members of Faust & Henry Cow), and The Artaud Beats (also featuring Henry Cow alumni).

Makoto “Speed Guru” Kawabata is best known as leader of Japanese psychedelic band Acid Mothers Temple, and for his innumerable collaborations & recordings with members of Gong, Guru Guru, & many other Japanese and international musicians.

The duo first played together in Kyoto, Japan, in 2014 – the recording of this concert was released on CD as “Spatial Roots”, available here >

In 2016 they played eight concerts in Japan – material from these is in the pipeline for a 2nd CD release.

 Their music embraces a wide range of styles and influences, mixing elements of ethnic, rock, jazz, world, ambient, & electronica, and is completely improvised.


UK-based Kamura Obscura singer Atsuko Kamura began her career by juggling roles as karaoke bar hostess and punk chanteuse in Tokyo, performing with the agit-fem Polkadot Fire Brigade and The Honeymoons. Her arrival in London led to a spell with the situationist pranksters Frank Chickens, duetting with Kazuko Hohki. In parallel she has explored improvisation with such as Eddie Prevost, Tenko, Fred Frith and John Zorn and in London alongside Charles Hayward and Lol Coxhill. She has just completed her latest tour of Japan

Her current work has moved from a strange existential folk towards a more avant-garde electronic sound. She is joined by Natalie Mason on viola and Robert Storey on guitar.

Dawid De Villier and Integral Brimstone

Integral Brimstone is a transient London incarnation of Jeremiah Brimstone Band, a Cape Town-based outfit with strong alt. folk leanings. Frontman Dawid De Villier’s music evokes those implacable forces (from desire to fear to the climate) that impinge upon our lives and ensure the perennial strangeness of existence. For this Club Integral event, Dawid reconnects with intermittent band member, Natalie Mason, to bring home some music from the extreme South. They are joined by Ebrahim Nazier on bass.

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