Club Integral Midlands Branch Friday 19th April 2019

This will be a special evening at Club Integral Midlands Branch, with three live acts reuniting / reforming / returning to play for us at The Edge in Birmingham.

£5 tickets available now:

Kenny Process Team

Kenny Process Team are long-time favourites of CIMB, whose music has been described as a ‘joyful mélange, influenced by everything from ragtime to Beefheart to Congolese soukous’.

After the sudden passing of guitarist and composer Simon King last year, member of Kenny Process Team and founder of Club Integral, Vacilando ’68 recordings are honouring him by releasing a remastered vinyl version of the classic cassette-only release, ‘Trav’lin’ Light With… Kenny Process Team’. To promote the release KPT are embarking on a tour of UK at select venues, starting with Birmingham. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear them live.

Twenty five years is an unusually long time between albums, but nothing is ever straightforward with Kenny Process Team. Their magnificent 1994 debut, “Surfin’ With…” was recorded as a three-piece, with guitarist Kev Plummer, bassist Matt Armstrong and drummer Dave Ross occupying the three corners of a perpetually skewed triangle. Shortly after its release they were joined on guitar by Simon King, who brought with him a rhythmic energy, a new palette of tonal colours and a dominating stage presence. Their wonderful performances oscillated between thunderous urgency and intricate delicacy; this mono cassette recording of a 1996 show captures that incarnation of the band at their very best. 

“Bundle”, the album opener, establishes the blueprint. Ross and Armstrong, the most imaginative of rhythm sections, build Escher-like structures for the band to play on, ever-shifting and indefinable. Plummer’s arresting and evocative themes are chased backwards and forwards by King, occasionally becoming caught in his grasp before triumphantly wriggling free.

This joyful mélange, influenced by everything from ragtime to Beefheart to Congolese soukous, has great immediacy while remaining curiously enigmatic. “Fantastic Four” sounds like the catchiest tune imaginable, but can you hum it? The unexpected semitonal shifts of “Tug” add an eerie element to an otherwise tranquil lullaby. “The Romans” and “Open Sesame”, reprised from the debut album, are delivered with an effortless flourish, while the baffling twists of “The Song We Don’t Like” see the band trapped in a maze of their own construction. 

The concert ends with “Tantrum”, where King cuts loose with the most improbable and yet somehow perfect lead guitar lines, while his bandmates offer their support with an insistent, one-legged rhythm. And then it’s all over. A great many concerts are recorded on the off-chance; very few stand up to repeated listening. This, however, is a true masterpiece. 

Rhodri Marsden


What do you call an orange in the snow? Risen from the depths like a dazzling seed loaf, the founding fledglings of Inclementine (the gone-but-not-forgotten reprobates of non-pop) reunite at Club Integral Midlands to show us what they’ve learned in their years apart. Expect old and new from their post-sorrowful milieu… a tribute to beautifully wasted afternoons in the Capetonian Sun and stoic strolls thru fox-addled neighbourhoods. Expect strings, piano, bass, musical bows and three-part harmony.

The Happy Couple

who first met on the bus replacement service from Mile End Tube station to Leyton 21 years ago, express their love for the Norfolk idyll they’ve made their home. Expect peaceful duets for lap steel guitar and overtone instruments as they bring sounds of a rural Broadland to our industrial Midlands lounge.

Ubuntu Bakery and Foods

And the delicious Ubuntu Bakery & Foods will be with us once again, feeding us the very finest vetkoek, loved by near and far.

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Please note, The Edge is a cash-only venue.